Zoe Spurr

lighting design


London Based Lighting Designer

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Awards & Nominations…

2018/2019 Winner Lightmongers’ ALD Award ‘New Talent in Entertainment Lighting'

2019 Offie Winner Best Lighting Design, 'Tiny Dynamite' at The Old Red Lion, Time Productions

2018 Offie Finalist Best Lighting Design for 'Phoenix Rising'

2018 Theatre and Technology Award Lighting Design Nominee for ‘Confidence’ at Southwark Playhouse with Boundless Theatre

Current and Upcoming...

The Unreturning - Frantic Assembly  UK Tour 2018-2019  Photo Tristram Kenton

The Unreturning - Frantic Assembly

UK Tour 2018-2019

Photo Tristram Kenton

Current work

How Not To Drown


Traverse Theatre Edinburgh Fringe 2019

director & co-choreographer Neil Bettles

co-choreographer Jonnie Riordan

design Becky Minto

sound & composition Alex Faye Brathwaite

there’s also Zoe Spurr’s masterful lighting which creates shadows of a man’s past
— The Reviews Hub


UK Tour Autumn 2019

director Jonnie Riordan

design Libby Watson

sound Alexandra Faye Braithwaite

Hedda Tesman

Headlong / Chichester Festival Theatre / Lowry

director Holly Race Roughan

design Anna Fleischle

sound and composition George Dennis

Eric and Little Ern

UK Tour

director Dan Clarkson


'Tiny Dynamite' @ The Old Red Lion, January 2018 (c) Richard Davenport

'Tiny Dynamite' @ The Old Red Lion, January 2018 (c) Richard Davenport

The Magic Flute - is Zoe Spurr’s lighting design that elevates this performance to a real visual spectacle. Spurr’s work is a gorgeous combination of subtle colouring and in your face jubilance that complements the situation with startling accuracy. From the flickering of a seedy nightclub light, to the nostalgic revolving of a disco ball and primary coloured strip lighting, her work inadvertently draws the emotional eye time and time again.
— Daniel Perks, Miro Magazine
The Magic Flute - Zoe Spurr’s outstanding lighting designs
— Mark Valencia, WhatsOn Stage
The Unreturning - The sound design by Pete Malkin and lighting design Zoe Spurr add the depth that a show of this calibre needs to put the metaphorical icing on the cake....the lighting and sound not only work well together but with the rest of the production as a whole to create a sense of absolute synchronicity within this piece
— James Eves, The Reviews Hub
‘The Unreturning’ - ...
With Pete Malkin’s forceful electro-orchestral score and Zoe Spurr’s high-precision lighting, it is fluid, brooding and intense
— The Guardian
The Unreturning by Frantic Assembly (c) Tristram Kenton

The Unreturning by Frantic Assembly (c) Tristram Kenton

‘The Unreturning’ - ...
Andrzej Goulding’s set is simple and magnificent, and superbly lit by Zoe Spurr
— Scotsman


Future work


The Seven Ages of Patience

Kiln Theatre

director Katie Lambourne

design Lily Arnold

sound Ben & Max Ringham


Edinburgh Lyceum

director Tony Cownie

design Neil Murray


NYT @ Criterion Theatre

director Matt Harrison

design Camilla Clarke

'Phoenix Rising' The Big House Theatre @ Smithfield Market Car Park, Farringdon, November 2017 (c) Ben Miller Cole

'Phoenix Rising' The Big House Theatre @ Smithfield Market Car Park, Farringdon, November 2017 (c) Ben Miller Cole

How Not To Drown

Thickskin Theatre

Photos (c) Michael Bodlovic

Onegin @ Buxton Opera House, Buxton International Festival 2019

Photos (c) Genevieve Girling

It was left to Zoe Spurr’s bold and evocative lighting designs to bring depth and colour to the presentation
— Opera Wire

Georgiana @ Buxton Opera House, Buxton International Festival 2019

Photos (c) Genevieve Girling

Emilia @ Vaudeville Theatre (c) Helen Murray

The Phlebotomist @ Hampstead Theatre

April 2019

design Rosanna Vize

Photos (c) Marc Brenner

Cat In The Hat

UK Tour 2019

Photos (c) Manuel Harlan

The Unreturning, Frantic Assembly

UK Tour 2018/19

Photos (c) Tristram Kenton

Silence @ Mercury Theatre / UK Tour

A/W 2018

Photos (c) Robert Day


Headlong/Bham Rep Co Production

UK Tour 2018

Photos (c) Helen Murray

'Abigail’s Party’

Queens Theatre Hornchurch / UK Tour

August 2018

Sticky @ Southwark Playhouse 'The Little'

June 2018

Photos (c) Helen Murray

Infinite Joy @ Southwark Playhouse 'The Little'

June 2018

Photos (c) Helen Murray

Confidence @ Southwark Playhouse 'The Little'

June 2018

Photos (c) Helen Murray

Loose Lips @ Stoke Newington Town Hall, The Big House Theatre Company

May 2018

Photos (c) Duncan Cornish

Not Talking @ Arcola Theatre

May / June 2018

Photos (c) Lidia Crisafulli

GROTTY @ The Bunker

May 2018

Photos (c) The Other Richard

The Phlebotomist @ Hampstead Theatre 

April 2018

Photos (c) Mark Brenner / Tristram Kenton / The Guardian

Beginners @ The Unicorn Theatre

March 2018

Photos (c) Hugo Glendinning

Collective Rage @ Southwark Playhouse 'The Large' 

January 2018

Photos (c) Richard Davenport

Tiny Dynamite @ Old Red Lion

January 2018

Photos (c) Richard Davenport 

moments of light, sound and movement punctuate the changes of scene, mesmerising the audience
— The Spy In The Stalls
The audience is shepherded between the different rooms and environments set up around the cast park, and the setting, along with some masterful lighting and set choices, lead to a very full and authentic atmosphere
— Theatre Box

Phoenix Rising @ Car Park underneath Smithfield Market

November 2017

Photos (c) Dylan Nolte

Elton John's Glasses @ Watford Palace Theatre

October 2017

Photos (c) Byrne

The Magic Flute @ Soho Theatre

Autumn 2017 / UK Tour 17-18

Photos (c) Christopher Tribble and Andreas Grieger

The Unmarried @ Bunker Theatre / Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Photos (c) The Other Richard

The Drive, UK Tour/Edinburgh 2017

July 2017

Photos (c) Jack Offord

Natives @ Southwark Playhouse 'The Little'

March 2017

Photos (c) Richard Davenport & The Guardian

Glenn Waldron’s script, which twists and turns, is outstandingly complemented by the work of Zoe Spurr and Cate Blanchard (lighting and video design, respectively) by projecting images- mostly animations and illustrations on the lightly coloured stage- Blanchard is able to balance deliberately cheesy atmosphere with more frantic moods, always accompanied by Spurr’s effective lighting.
— Broadway World
‘Rob Drummer’s stylish production – a modern blend of Technicolor lighting and softly swelling beats – maintains a lively rhythm’
— The Stage
The staging may be fairly simple, but it looks stunning, really strong lighting and sound design combine with well-crafted movement to create a beautifully formed piece”
— Theatre Weekly


UK Tour

April/May 2017

Photos (c) Suzi Corker

Good Dog @ Watford Palace

February 2017

Photos (c) Wasi Daniju

Good Dog

Tech Rehearsal shots from the Production Desk

Photos (c) Zoe Spurr

School Play @ Southwark Playhouse 'The Little'

January 2017

Photos (c) Guy Bell

Muted @ The Bunker Theatre

December 2016

Photos (c) Savannah Photographic

The Knife Of Dawn @ The Sackler Studio, Camden Roundhouse

October 2016

Photos (c) Sarah J Scott

Affection @ The Glory, Haggerston, and A.E Harris, Birmingham

September 2016

Photos (c) Graeme Braidwood

Bitches @ The Finborough Theatre with National Youth Theatre

August 2016

Photos (c) Mark Cocksedge

A Serious Case of The F*ckits @ Royal Central School of Speech And Drama

August 2016

Photos (c) Sarah Lam

TORCH @ Latitude / New Diorama / Big Belly, Underbelly

July / August 2016

Photos (c) The Other Richard 

The Heresy Of Love @ Royal Central School of Speech And Drama

April 2016 

Photos (c) Sarah Lam

Hookup @ Hackney Downs Studio

September 2015


Napoli Milionaria @ Royal Central School of Speech And Drama

April 2012

Photos (c) Zoe Spurr

City Of Angels @ Royal Central School of Speech And Drama

March 2012

Photos (c) Noah Furrer

Cosi Fan Tutte @ a site specific venue in Dorset

Photos (c) Zoe Spurr

Peer Gynt @ Southwark Playhouse 'The Vaults'

April 2012

Photos (c) Zoe Spurr


Lighting design


Groomed To Perfection

Brighton Theatre Royal - Site Specific

director Sarah Bedi

design Ryan Laight

sound Zoe Milton


Buxton Opera Festival 2019

director Jamie Manton

design Justin Nardella


Buxton Opera Festival 2019

director Matthew Richardson

design Jon Morrell

A Man without a past

East Midlands Tour

New Perspectives Theatre Company

director Jack McNamara

design Amelia Jane Hankin

sound design/composition James Atherton


The Other Palace, UK Tour Autumn 2019

writer Henry Filloux-Bennett

director Jonnie Riordan

design Libby Watson

sound + composition Alexandra Faye Braithwaite

The first thing to say about Toast is that it looks gorgeous. Scrumptious even. Good enough to eat. Libby Watson production design hits the perfect nostalgic notes, and Zoe Spurr’s ever-excellent lighting design is a superb demonstration of what lighting can do to lift and enhance the action on stage, and act as as subtle and emotional guide for the audience
— Spy in the Stalls


Leicester Curve & The Rose Kingston, UK Tour 2019

director Suba Das

design Isla Shaw

sound David Gregory

the Phlebotomist

Hampstead Theatre

writer Ella Road

director Sam Yates

design Rosanna Vize

sound Sinead Diskin

video Louise Rhoades-Brown


Vaudeville Theatre, transfer from The Globe Theatre

writer Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

director Nicole Charles

design Joanna Scotcher

sound Emma Laxton

composer Luisa Gerstein

‘Emilia’ - Zoe Spurr’s lighting is evocative and perfect
— View from the Circle


Scottish Opera / Glasgow Theatre Royal / Hackney Empire

composer Stuart McCrae

librettist Louise Welsh

director/lighting designer Matthew Richardson

associate LD Zoe Spurr

set designer Samal Blak

Jan/Feb 2019




HOME Manchester Theatre 1

director Lily Sykes

design Ruari Murchison

sound design Jan Schöwer

The sharp shifts of Zoe Spurr’s lighting can snap us in a moment from intoxicating, scarlet-drenched fantasy to imminent threat, all make believe, yet somehow it still sets the pulse racing
— The Guardian, Catherine Love

The Unreturning

Frantic Assembly

director Neil Bettles

design + video Andrzej Goulding

costume design Lily Arnold

sound design Pete Malkin


Mercury Theatre / UK tour

director Jo Newman

design Baśka Wesolowska

sound design Helen Skiera / Beth Duke

Abigails Party

Queens Theatre Hornchurch / UK Tour

director Doug Rintoul

designer Lee Newby


Queens Theatre / Derby Theatre

director Sarah Brigham

designer Lee Newby

sound Ivan Stott



UK Tour

director Amy Hodge

design Max Jones

sound design Melanie Wilson

Nigel Slaters Toast

Edinburgh Fringe 2018

director Jonnie Riordan 

designer Libby Watson

sound design AFB



Edinburgh Fringe 2018

director Jess Edwards

design Amelia Jane Hankin

sound design AFB


Eastern Angles Theatre Company

Ipswich Tour

written by Beth Flintoff

director Hal Chambers

design Verity Quinn

composer Luke Potter 'Potts'

July/August 2018


Eric and little ern

UK Tour

director Dan Clarkson



Sticky + infinite joy

Southwark Playhouse

director Eva Sampson / Simon Kane

designer Ryan Laight

BRIT School Bridge 

June/July 2018


Loose Lips

Big House, Stoke Newington Town Hall Site Specific

director Sammy Glover

designer Frankie Bradshaw

May 2018



Bunker Theatre

Damsel Productions

director Hannah Hauer-King

designer Anna Reid


not talking

Arcola Studio 1

director James Hillier

designer Amy Cook


The phlebotomist

Hampstead Theatre

director Sam Yates

designer Rosanna Vize



Unicorn Theatre

director/writer Tim Crouch

designer Choose Lamford + Camilla Clark


Collective Rage

Southwark Playhouse

director Charlie Parham

designer Anna Reid


Tiny dynamite

@ Old Red Lion Theatre

director David Loumgair

designer Anna Reid

2018 Offie Nominated 'Best Lighting Design'




FEstival voices

Ugly Duck, a warehouse space in London Bridge

"Bold, collaborative choral music, performed to new audiences in unexpected venues"

November 2017

Phoenix rising

Smithfield Market Car Park, Site Specific Promenade

director Maggie Norris

designer Emma Bailey

November 2017

Zoe Spurr’s brilliant lighting design means there is little intervention required from cast and crew to get the audience to the right area, as one scene naturally ends, the next is illuminated in such a way that the audience are drawn there like a moth to a flame. What we watch can, at times be uncomfortable, but like the moth we just cannot pull ourselves away.
— Greg Stewart, Theatre Weekly one chapter concludes, Zoe Spurr’s crafty lighting design catches the eye from across the car park and draws the audience across to the next piece of the puzzle.
— Daniel Perks, Miro Magazine

Elton John's Glasses

Watford Palace Theatre

director Psyche Stott

designer Ruari Murchison

The North! The North!

Edinburgh Fringe 2017 and UK Tour

director John Walton

designer Rebecca Wood

creator Christopher Harrisson


The UNmarried

Edinburgh Fringe 2017, Underbelly

director Niall Phillips

writer/performer Lauren Gauge


The Drive

with Angel Exit Theatre

UK Tour / Edinburgh 2017



Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017, Assembly

director Sara Joyce


Beweep, Outcast

Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

director Martin Wylde

design Sammy Downson

sound design Chris Bartholomew 


The Scar Test

Soho Theatre

director Sara Joyce

design Amelia Jane Hankin

sound design Jo Walker


Skate Hard, turn left

Battersea Arts Centre

director Jemima James

set design Ruth Sutcliffe

sound design Dom Kennedy/Lex Kosanke



UK Tour

director Scott Hurran

writer Nicola Werenowska

set design Loren Elstein

sound design Max Pappenheim



Boundless Theatre

director Rob Drummer

writer Glenn Waldron


***** Theatre Weekly

***** Theatre Full Stop

***** Jack The Lad

**** The Guardian

**** The Metro

Good Dog

@ Watford Palace + UK Tour

Tiata Fahodzi

director Natalie Ibu

writer Arinze Kene

***** 'theatre at its most simple and its most striking'

**** 'exhilarating' The Stage

School Play 

@ Southwark Playhouse 'The Little'


director Charlie Parham

set design Anna Reid

sound design Michael England

**** Guardian

**** The Stage

**** Timeout



December 2016

@ The Bunker Theatre, London Bridge

director Jamie Jackson

set + costume design Sarah Beaton

sound design Max Perryment


December 2016

@ Aiglon College Switzerland

Erwartung / twice through the hearT

November 2016

@ Hackney Showroom with Shadwell Opera

"Shadwell Opera present a dazzling double-bill of one woman psychodramas: erwartung by Arnold Schoenberg and twice through the heart by Mark Anthony Turnage. Separated in the writing by ninety years, these two monodramas, both to words by female librettists, Marie Pappenheim and Jackie Kay, break apart and reconstitute the mind of an isolated woman in extraordinary stream-of-consciousness narrations"

director Jack Furness / Celine Lowenthall

set + costume Georgia De Grey

The Knife Of Dawn

October 2016

@ The Sackler Studio, Roundhouse

composer Hannah Kendall

librettist Tessa McWatt

director John Walton

set + costume Martin Thomas


September 2016

@ The Glory, Haggerston, and A.E Harris Stans Cafe Birmingham

Outbox Theatre

director Ben Buratta

writer Jodi Gray

set + costume Harry Whitham


August 2016

@ The Finborough Theatre

director Valentina Ceschi

writer Bola Agbaje

set + costume design Emma Bailey


August 2016

@ Latitude,New Diorama, Edinburgh Underbelly Big Belly

director Jess Edwards

writer Phoebe Eclair-Powell

set + costume design Amelia Jane-Hankin

This Evil Thing

August 2016

@ The New Town Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

writer + performer Michael Mears

director Rosamunde Hutt

set + costume design Mark Friend

A Serious case of the fuckits

July 2016

@ Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Webber Douglas Studio

director Sarah Davey Hull

set and costume design Kate Driver Jones

Handle With Care

May 2016

A Site Specific touring production with Dante or Die, telling the story of lives through a storage facility. 

director Daphna Attias

set + costume design Jenny Hayton


The Heresy Of Love

April 2016

@ Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Embassy Theatre

director Martin Wylde

set + costume design Samantha Dowson



our country's good

December 2015

@ Aiglon College, Switzerland

director Sarah Barker-Doherty

set + costume design Ryan Laight



September 2015

@ Hackney Downs Studios

Outbox Theatre

director Ben Buratta

set + costume design Harry Whitham


terry pratchett book launch

August 2015

@ Waterstones Piccadilly Circus


Counting Stars

August 2015

@ Edinburgh Fringe, Assembley

director Scott Hurran

set + costume design Tash Prynne


The Grimm Fairytales

May 2015

@ Aiglon College, Switzerland

director Sarah Barker-Doherty

set + costume design Ryan Laight



Starting Here, Starting Now

November 2014

@ Chichester University

director Ed Burnside

set + costume design Ryan Laight


The Boy Who Climbed Out of His Face

August 2014

@ The Jetty, North Greenwich


director Louise Mari

set + costume design Rachel Good



July 2014

@ The Embassy Theatre, Central

director Tim Lee

set + costume design Martin Thomas


About Miss Julie

July 2014

@ The Kings Head, Islington



Associate design



Scottish Opera

director/LD Matthew Richardson

composer Stuart McCrae

design Samal Blak

People, Places and things

St Ann's Warehouse October 2017 Transfer

director Jeremy Herrin

set + costume Bunny Christie

lighting design James Farncombe


The Trilogy

All female Shakespeare Trilogy produced by the Donmar Warehouse

director Phyllida Lloyd

set + costume Bunny Christie/Chloe Lamford

lighting design James Farncombe



produced by Nottingham Playhouse/Almeida Theatre/Sonia Friedman

Associate Lighting Designer To Natasha Chivers

West End Playhouse Theatre Charing Cross, 2014/2015/2016

USA/Australia Spring 2016

UK Tour 2013/2014











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